Can I see the firewood before it's delivered?

You may inspect the wood in the truck before it is dumped on to your property.


Can you dump the firewood in my backyard?

It is possible to dump the firewood in your backyard if the truck has a straight shot through a 10 foot wide opening, there are no utilities in the way, and weather and soil conditions allow. 

Is your cord a true cord?

Yes. The USDA considers a cord of loose firewood to be 196 cubic feet. Our trailer (if delivering 1 cord) and truck (if delivering 2 cords) have exact cubic measurements that we ensure we fill to each time.

Is your firewood actually dry?

We simply will not sell green firewood unless you specifically order it. There is no secret to drying firewood. Depending on the species the wood must be cut 3-9 months ahead (Conifer is 3-5 months and Hardwood is 4-9 months). We leave Douglas Fir to sit for one year so that the bark falls off. We also use a moisture meter to check our drying wood piles regularly. 

Are you going to show up at the scheduled date and time?

Yes. We pride ourselves on happy customers. We have well-maintained equipment and quality employees. Our goal is to make every delivery within a two hour window. If there are situations outside of our control that change our scheduled delivery time, we will notify you ASAP.  

How is your firewood cut?

We cut our firewood mechanically with a processor instead of manually, providing consistency and quality.